Products we use

Here at Three Creek Ranch we’ve tried many different products. Some that work and some that don’t. Below are the ones that work for us and recommend. 


Great. Follow directions for grounding stakes for best results

We use this on all of our gates

Fence tighteners are a great for many types of uses

We tried many types of fence insulators but we like these the best.

Yes. Yes. Yes.  No more chains. A must have for your metal gates.

Dog Care

Used by vets.

Puppies less than 6 months

We change up between the Chicken and Lamb flavor. 

Kong are the best collars. You should be able to buy cheaper at Petsmart

Antiseptic skin cleansing for dogs. For all the minor cuts and scrapes.

What we use for heartworm.

We use for flea and tick control.

Online store we buy from Amazon, Valleyvet and Jeffers.

Other Products we Love

For your sore muscles after a hard day. 

Great for tractor or airplane.