Alpine Goats

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Alpine goats are the most common type of goat used for milk, cheese, and other dairy products.

With sweet faces and strong bodies, alpine goats are a common sight on farms and ranches throughout the Western world. The origin of these goats is generally accepted to be the mountainous French countryside, although the species has been domesticated for centuries. You can count on your goat to be sweet, friendly, and long-lived – all of which are important qualities for a domestic farm animal.


All Alpine breeds originated in the European Alps, hence their name. Like other European goats, they are descended from a Middle Eastern ancestor known as the bezoar goat. Over time, shepherds selected them for improved milk production. The American Alpine dates to 1922, when a group of goat aficionados imported a herd of twenty-one French Alpines, which were subsequently crossed with other varieties to produce a slightly larger animal.

Alpine Goat Features

Three Creek Ranch also raises dairy Alpine goats for our personal use. Alpine goat milk is used for milk, butter, cheese, and many other products.

Ivan - our male breeding goat

Ivan was hand raised from a baby, and is one of the family. He has a lot personality and a knack for getting over fences until we put an electric fence.

Available PureBred Alpine GoaTs

Currently we have a female Alpine goat for sale. Her name is Luna and was born April 2022. Looking to sell or trade for another pure breed female with different bloodlines. $700 with registration papers.

Also we have 2 black female Alpine kids (baby goats) born on May 17, 2023 are now ready for new homes. $400 each with registration papers.