Silkie Chickens

Our Silkie Chickens

The cool thing about Silkie chickens is that once you see them with your own eyes you can never mistake them for another chicken breed again. They are some of the most easily recognizable chicken breeds on the market, and a lot of that has to do with their almost fur-like feathers.

At Three Creek Ranch pride ourselves with our high quality chicken. Our birds are the best breed Silkie with the great plumage. Do be fooled by feed store lower quality chicks.

While silkies aren’t famed for their egg laying abilities, they are quite good and consistent layers, laying around 3 lovely little cream eggs a week. Their eggs might only be small, but don’t let that put you off- they are still as delicious and nutritious.


The Silkie is one of the oldest chicken breeds on record and is known by fanciers for being ‘discovered’ by Marco Polo, who wrote of hens which had “hair like cats, were black and laid the best of eggs”. Subsequent naturalists have described Silkie chickens, amongst other things as a cross between a rabbit and a fowl, as well as an abomination not fit for the table, which is understandable when you consider the Silkie had dark grey almost black flesh and bones- tasty but not very pleasant to look at!

Silkie Chicken Features

Three Creek Ranch raise Silkie chicken to our whole egg use and the sale of both newborn chicks and fertilized eggs.

Roosters & Hens

It’s actually quite difficult to determine a Silkie’s gender than many other breeds, this is especially the case in the chicken’s early days. 

A key difference between a silkie hen and a silkie rooster is size. Roosters are larger than hens and have larger, rounder wattles with larger combs. Silkie roosters also have unique feathers alongside the fuzzy ones. These longer, pointed, hard feathers are similar to those of other birds.

Chicks & Eggs

Do to an ongoing egg and chicken shortage we will not have any chicks or ferilized eggs available until the end of 2023.